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Scrum Planning poker: 2 often overlooked benefits

Mastering Scrum Planning Poker: 2 Often Overlooked Benefits of Using Scrum Planning Poker

Scrum Planning Poker is a widely used technique in Agile project management that helps teams to estimate the level of effort required for a task or project. It's a great tool to ensure that all team members have a common understanding of the work to be done and that the estimates are consistent across the team.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the top 2 reasons why Agile Planning Poker is a valuable tool for any team to use in their project management process. Whether you're new to Planning Poker or a seasoned pro, there's sure to be something in this post that you'll find useful. So, let's dive in and explore the 2 best, but often overlooked, parts of Scrum Planning Poker!


1. The combination of Individual thinking and group discussion leads to the best estimations

One of the most exciting things about using Planning Poker is that it gives everyone on the team a chance to share their thoughts and knowledge. The process starts with each team member thinking for themselves and choosing the card with their estimation in silence.

This ensures that everyone is putting their own experience and knowledge into the estimation process, instead of being influenced by others. This approach will result in the most accurate estimations as it takes into account a wide range of perspectives, including everyone's opinions, experiences, and potential biases.


2. The power of the Fibonacci Sequence: small items are estimated precisely while bigger items are estimated more roughly

When it comes to Planning Poker, one of the most valuable features is the use of cards based on the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence, starting with 0, ½, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40 and 100, is utilized to represent the relative size and complexity of a backlog item.

This approach allows for a more flexible and precise estimation process. It acknowledges that smaller items can be estimated more accurately while larger, more complex items will have a greater degree of uncertainty.

By using the Fibonacci sequence, teams can make estimations that are both accurate and realistic. It’s a balance of precise estimations with the understanding that some items are harder to estimate with complete precision. This way, teams can focus on what's important and make more informed decisions.


Overall, using scrum planning poker is a great way to ensure that your team has an accurate and efficient estimation process. By allowing everyone on the team to share their thoughts and knowledge in the individual estimation phase followed by group discussion of any discrepancies or questions, you can quickly move through backlog items with precision.

Additionally, leveraging the Fibonacci sequence for flexible and precise estimations helps teams make informed decisions while recognizing that some tasks are harder to estimate with complete accuracy. With planning poker, you'll be able to stay organized and on schedule as you progress towards completing projects faster than ever before!


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